IntelliJ IDEA: Creating AJAX Page Counter in 5 Minutes

Posted in Development, Frameworks, Web Technologies on November 16, 2006

IntelliJ IDEA: Creating AJAX Page Counter in 5 Minutes

IntelliJ IDEA is a fantastic Java IDE that many of the Ajaxians use on a daily basis. Although their bread and butter is Java development, they started to put JavaScript functionality into their IDE, and stepped it up from being a bit of a toy, to something quite useful in IntelliJ IDEA 5.1.

They have put together a screencast showing the tool building a simple Ajax application where you see all of the completion magic that makes sure that you never get those typos.

Over on JavaLobby they used this as a lead in to ask What do you need/want from an AJAX tool?, so we re-ask this to the Ajaxian audience. What do you guys want to see in a Ajax development tool?

Do you want a WYSIWYG experience? Or a killer JavaScript source editor? Builtin support for Prototype and Dojo?

This demo shows how to create a simple AJAX page counter in a few minutes, using IntelliJ IDEA.

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