Google Tech Talks: Zero Configuration networking with Bonjour

Posted in Conferences, Companies, Networking on November 17, 2006

Google Tech Talks: Zero Configuration networking with Bonjour

The desirability of making IP networking easy to use has been obvious for many years, but achieving that goal has proved elusive. One day, Stuart Cheshire got tired of fellow Stanford Computer Science PhD students wanting to print from his Mac (via AppleTalk) because they couldn't work out how to configure their Linux /etc/printcap files to access the network printer they wanted to use via IP, and he decided it was time someone did something about it. Thus began a long saga, beginning with the formation of the IETF "Zero Configuration Networking" working group, and ending where we are today, with widespread adoption of Stuart Cheshire's Multicast DNS and DNS Service Discovery technology, or "Bonjour", as Apple likes to call it. Today just about every network printer from just about every printer vendor supports Bonjour, and ships with it enabled by default.

Google Tech Talks November 2, 2005
Dr. Stuart Cheshire, Apple Computer

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