SapphireSteel: Create a Weblog With Ruby In Steel

Posted in Development, Frameworks on November 17, 2006

SapphireSteel: Create a Weblog With Ruby In Steel

If you are interested in Ruby On Rails development, the chances are you’ve already watched David Heinemeier Hansson’s demo movie showing how to create a Blog application in Rails. It’s a pretty impressive demonstration.

The only thing it lacks is a truly integrated development environment. If you try to follow his demo, you will have to keep switching between a text editor and a database management tool, then repeatedly navigate to and from the system command prompt in order to launch a server and run scripts to generate models, controllers, scaffolds and the like.

If you use Ruby In Steel, on the other hand, you can create the whole Blog application entirely from within Visual Studio. The only time you leave Visual Studio is when you want to view the results in a Web Browser. You can create a new Application using a New Project Wizard, create one or more databases (and even the matching YAML file) just by filling out a few fields in a dialog box; you can launch the server, run all the scripts, even create, edit and add data to the database from right inside Visual Studio.

And Ruby In Rails makes project management a snap! Every new file and folder generated is automatically added to the Visual Studio Solution Explorer.

Try it out for yourself!

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