Google Tech Talks: Glassbox - Automated Troubleshooting

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Google Tech Talks: Glassbox - Automated Troubleshooting

Glassbox is an open source troubleshooting and monitoring agent for Java apps that diagnoses common problems automatically. Drop the Glassbox web application into your server and Glassbox's aspect-oriented programming will discover your existing apps and pinpoint errors and performance issues in plain English. Using AspectJ, Glassbox can provide low overhead effective monitoring without needing to "bake in" instrumentation up front--no code changes or recompilation is needed. Glassbox includes an analysis layer, an Ajax web-client and an automated installer. It is open source and modular, so contributors can add monitors for more problems or additional analysis as desired for their own projects. Glassbox's goal is to automate the daily grunt work of troubleshooting common problems, and free the expert to get back to solving the core technical problems. This talk will illustrate how Glassbox 2.0 identifies problems, how to integrate it into an existing monitoring environment, and how it can be extended to better analyze custom applications without code changes.

Google Tech Talks September 25, 2006

Ron Bodkin is the leader of the Glassbox project, and spearheads its efforts to revolutionize enterprise troubleshooting by simplifying it and bringing it into the open source technology stack.

Dave Pickering leads engineering for Glassbox, and in a prior life ran Call Center development for Oracle.


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