Google Tech Talks: Some Python Integrated Development Environments

Posted in Conferences, Companies, Development, Mobile on November 22, 2006

Google Tech Talks: Some Python Integrated Development Environments

Topic: Emacs
Presenter: Marylin Davis
Marilyn Davis is the Python Instructor at UCSC-Extension. She is the lead developer at and

Topic: Vim
Presenter: Keith Dart
Keith Dart works in QA automation and is the primary developer of the PyNMS network application framework.

Topic: Xcode
Presenter: Mark Ivey
Mark Ivey is a senior engineer at R2 Technology. Although his job doesn't involve a lot of Python, it is his preferred evenings and weekends language.

Topic: Wing IDE
Presenter: Mike Cheponis
Mike Cheponis is President of California Wireless, Inc., a Silicon Valley consulting firm that specializes in Wireless Communications Systems, designing RF, Analog, Digital, and software subsystems and products. He writes code in assembly languages, Lisp, and Python.

Google TechTalks July 13, 2006
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