Google Tech Talks: The Reiser4 Filesystem

Posted in Conferences, Companies, Operating Systems on November 22, 2006

Google Tech Talks: The Reiser4 Filesystem

The ReiserFS project aims to add support for semi-structured data querying to the filesystem namespace. Reiser4 is the storage layer for this. It stores all files in a dancing (not balanced) tree, and is currently the overall fastest filesystem for traditional filesystem usage patterns.

Google TechTalks February 6, 2006 Han Reiser

Hans Reiser was concerned that hierarchical and relational naming systems add structure not inherent in the information, and that boolean algebra fails to represent structure, and so he develeoped a set of semantics which attempt to match rather than mold structure. He then founded Namesys in 1993 when he went to Russia and hired a small team of programmers to implement the storage layer for these semantics, known as the Reiserfs filesystem for Linux. He spent 5 years arguing over algorithms on evenings and weekends, and working day jobs in Silicon Valley, and then finally the code started to work well enough that he could quit the day jobs. Then he took all the code, chucked it, and rewrote it from scratch to reflect what he had learned the first time doing it. The new code is called Reiser4.

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