Google Tech Talks: Web Applications and the Ubiquitous Web

Posted in Conferences, Companies, Web Technologies on November 22, 2006

Google Tech Talks: Web Applications and the Ubiquitous Web

The Web is increasingly a ubiquitous platform for application developers. The talk will outline an emerging vision for the Ubiquitous Web and areas where further work is needed. I will also present work I have been doing on a Web-based alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint and its extension to support remote meetings. Finally, I will demonstrate the use of AJAX to add speech capabilities to web browsers and the role of remote speech engines.

Google TechTalks February 1, 2006 Dave Raggett

Dave Raggett is currently a W3C Fellow from Canon, and W3C Activity Lead for Multimodal Interaction. Dave has been closely involved with driving standards for the Web since 1992, e.g. setting up the IETF HTTP working group, helping with work on ECMAScript, and W3C work on HTML, XForms, MathML, VoiceXML and other related specifications. For further details see:


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