Objective-C Snippets in Textmate

Posted in Development, Operating Systems on December 04, 2006

Objective-C Snippets in Textmate

It is an impressive display of what can be achieved with a bit of realtime transformations on text typed (in snippets) and context sensitive expansion.

None of the stuff demonstrated is hardcoded, it is all achieved using the simple extension mechanisms of TextMate, and not even IDEs hardcoded for a given language show this level of grace! :)

This shows a few nice features found in the C and Objective-C bundles:

  • documentation lookup, including following links in man pages
  • reformatting objective-c method signatures
  • auto-insertion of:
    • start brackets (when at the end position)
    • alloc/init/autorelease (after typing class name)
    • missing includes (based on which functions the source call)

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Tags: IDE, OS, MacOS, Textmate, Objective-C, C and C++