David Heinemeier Hansson RailsConf 2006 Keynote Address

Posted in Conferences, Development, Frameworks on December 05, 2006

David Heinemeier Hansson RailsConf 2006 Keynote Address
A bit about David, in his own words from his LoudThinking.com:
A product of Danish Design from the Winter of ‘79. Grew up, lived, and graduated in the city of Copenhagen, then moved to Chicago in November of 2005.As a partner in 37signals, I helped transform the venerable design shop into a product company. Basecamp, Backpack, and Ta-da List are all applications launched since the shift came into effect in February 2004. I did the programming for all of them. In July 2004, I released the framework Rails (also known as Ruby on Rails) from the work on these applications. I’ve been managing that as an open-source movement ever since. And lately, quite a few people has been taking notice. That means a bunch of speaking engagements including RubyConf, FISL, Reboot, OSCON, ETech, JAOO, and many others. In August 2005, I won the Best Hacker of the Year award at OSCON from Google and O’Reilly: In March 2006, I accepted the Jolt award of product excellence for Rails 1.0 and was featured in Wired magazine:
In addition to Rails, I’ve also created the most downloaded Ruby end-user application. It’s a small, light wiki called Instiki. I’m no longer actively developing on it, but still proud of how far I made it go. I even used it to write my final project towards my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Computer Science at the Copenhagen Business School.

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