Pamie: Parameterize Test Data using XML

Posted in Project Management, Testing, Development on December 16, 2006

Pamie: Parameterize Test Data using XML
Pamie is a Python class file that allows you to create automation scripts to test Web application functionality in Internet Explorer on Windows. This Pamie XML Demo shows how you can use Pamie and parameterize your test data by using XML files. It show you:
  • How to create a Pamie test script to Automate a form
  • How to find the names and ID's of DOM Elements to automate
  • Creating an XML file from scratch using Notepad++
  • How to read the data in an XML file using ElementTree
  • How to run the test
The Tutorial uses the following opensource applications: Uploaded on 1st October 2006, running time 11 minutes.

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