Coderpath Rails Screencast #1: David Heinemeier Hansson

Posted in Development, Frameworks, Databases on January 04, 2007

Coderpath Rails Screencast #1: David Heinemeier Hansson
This screencast is a pair programming session between David Heinemeier Hansson and Miles K. Forrest. Miles is new to web application programming and a "bunny hill" rails developer at best, so to have a world-class developer take the time to go over some basics on how to get started was very encouraging and valuable to him. If you're also new to Rails perhaps this 35 minute screencast might help point you in the right direction.
Over the coming weeks it's my intention to build a working Rails application that I need and record the journey through this series of screencasts. I welcome anyone to do a screencast with me who is interested in sharing their expertise and is patient enough to teach a slow learner like myself.

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