Eclipse Video Tutorial by Dave Powell

Posted in Development on January 18, 2007

Eclipse Video Tutorial by Dave Powell

Eclipse is a tremendous development environment experiencing phenomenal growth. The intent of this Eclipse tutorial is to use the latest in video and voice capturing to provide novice Java programmers with an easy learning curve to getting started with Eclipse.

This video covers the following sequential topics that should be taken in order:

  1. Overview
  2. Pez Example
  3. Setting Code Conventions
  4. Project Creation
  5. Code Creation and Editing
  6. Code Execution
  7. Importing Projects
  8. Debugging
  9. Code Documentation with Javadoc
  10. Unit Testing with JUnit.
  11. UML generation and reverse engineering using Omondo (EclipseUML)
  12. GUI development using Visual Editor.
  13. References

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