Turning Email Upside Down: RSS/Email and IM2000

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Turning Email Upside Down: RSS/Email and IM2000

Google TechTalks
July 19, 2006

Meng Weng Wong & Julian Haight

Meng Weng Wong is an email geek. He started pobox.com in 1995 and karmasphere.com in 2005. He is responsible for SPF, the email authentication standard which was embraced and extended by Microsoft to form Sender ID. He recently moved from Philadelphia to Silicon Valley to work on Karmasphere, the open reputation network for the Internet.

Julian Haight founded SpamCop.net, the impossible spam-reporting service. He is currently working on a book dealing with network security. Before SpamCop, he worked as a private consultant developing small interactive web-sites. He has always been concerned with privacy and security.


A decade ago, DJB proposed IM2000: what if mail storage were the sender's responsibility? Since then, spam *= bignum, blogs were invented, and RSS is now sex on a stick. Let's say an RSS blog is just like a one-to-many public mailing list, but over HTTP pull. Now imagine what one-to-one private asynchronous messaging might look like, over HTTP pull. A few months ago Meng Weng Wong (spf.pobox.com), Julian Haight (spamcop.net), and others got together to build an opensource prototype of the system. Meng will discuss the philosophy, architecture, and implementation of the prototype.

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