Urban Sensing, Social Networking, And The Third Thing

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Urban Sensing, Social Networking, And The Third Thing
Google TechTalks
March 17, 2006

Jeff Burke
Dana Cuff
Deborah Estrin
Michael Hamilton
Mark Hansen
William Kaiser
Jerry Kang Fabian Wagmister


Sensors and their data will dominate tomorrow's global network. Location-tagged images and sound, captured from mobile phones, will intersect with data from municipal monitoring of city infrastructure and embedded sensors placed by citizens. Social networking applications built on tagged media are already flourishing. Intrinsically data-centric features will soon come to networking, providing low-level capabilities to verify location, aggregate sources, control resolution and implement privacy policies, all for data that originates in the physical world. As it accumulates such features, the network is coming back around from an expansive virtuality to the richness of the physical world, tipping towards human-scale rhythms and their cultural implications. What new design approaches are needed as embedded sensing expands from its traditional domains in science, engineering and industry, and the network becomes data-centric, full of observations gathered from real people and physical places?

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