Ruby on Rails Screencast - Iteration 2 - Amy Hoy

Posted in Development, Frameworks, Databases on January 28, 2007

Ruby on Rails Screencast - Iteration 2 - Amy Hoy

Next screencast from really interesting series on CoderPath. This time Miles K. Forrest spoke with Amy Hoy (interface designer/developer from Maryland, active member of RoR community).

In the previous screencast David Heinemeier Hansson impressed upon me the importance of deciding what it is I want to build. It's difficult to learn programming in the abstract. By building something I need and care about I can learn piecemeal, asking just the questions I need to solve the next step.

So I wrote down what I want to build and showed it to my next guest Amy Hoy. It became clear pretty quickly that I need to go back to the drawing board - literally! Amy's advice is to separate the design and coding phases. Then design first. Her pragmatic approach put me at ease and I learned it's not all about the tools. It's about being creative and getting ideas out of my head and in front of me so they can be worked and reworked into something cool.

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