Museums and the Web 2.0

Posted in Web Technologies, Conferences, Science on February 04, 2007

Museums and the Web 2.0

It’s been roughly ten years since museums began to develop online educational resources.  In finding their way through this new and complex medium, institutions faced a variety of technical, educational, conceptual and design opportunities and challenges.

Now, an array of new communicative and collaborative tools known collectively as the Web 2.0 - represent the most dramatic shift in Internet technology since the invention of the World Wide Web in the early 1990s.

Perhaps the most striking parallel between the Web 2.0 and its predecessor is the re-emergence of the grand concept that anyone can publish, communicate, and collaborate on the Web. Blogs, wikis, community sites, podcasts, and other decentralized technologies are defining this new era. Museums are only just beginning to explore these new technologies and their larger implications.

As early adopters begin to develop Web 2.0 sites, a variety of questions arise. Who are we reaching? And what is their experience like?  What is the role of museums, libraries, archives and other knowledge-based institutions play in an environment where visitors are the major creators of content? 

This presentation will explore these questions and more, as we look at the Web 2.0 and its implications for the museum world.

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