Free refactoring tools for ASP.NET code in Visual Studio 2005

Posted in Development, Frameworks, Web Technologies, Graphics on February 06, 2007

Free refactoring tools for ASP.NET code in Visual Studio 2005

DevExpress today announced the availability of Refactor! for ASP.NET -- a free add-on to Visual Studio 2005 that enables very cool refactoring capabilities for ASP.NET code. The add-on can be downloaded from here:

The add-on includes the following ASP.NET refactorings:

  • Add Validator
  • Extract ContentPlaceHolder
  • Extract ContentPlaceHolder (and create master page)
  • Extract Style (Class)
  • Extract Style (id)
  • Move to Code-behind
  • Move Style Attributes to CSS
  • Rename Style
  • Surround with Update Panel

The add-on also includes the following "standard" refactorings that work inside <script> tags as well as inside *.cs and *.vb files belonging to an ASP.NET project:

  • Extract Method
  • Extract Property
  • Flatten Conditional
  • Inline Temp
  • Introduce Constant
  • Introduce Local
  • Move Declaration near Reference
  • Move Initialization to Declaration
  • Reorder Parameters
  • Rename
  • Replace Temp with Query
  • Reverse Conditional
  • Safe Rename
  • Simplify Expression
  • Split Initialization from Declaration
  • Split Temporary Variable

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