Concepts Extending C++ Templates For Generic Programming

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Concepts Extending C++ Templates For Generic Programming
Google Tech Talks
February 21, 2007


Concepts are a major addition to C++0x that make templates more robust, more powerful, and easier to write and use. At their most basic level, concepts provide a type system for templates. Using concepts, the C++ compiler is able to detect errors in the definition and use of templates before they are instantiated. One immediately obvious benefit of this separate type-checking capability is a dramatic improvement in error messages resulting from improper use of templates. Look a little deeper and we find that concepts support an entirely new programming paradigm, Generic Programming, enabling the construction of a new breed of generic libraries that provide better extensibility, composability, and usability than what is possible with today's C++.

This talk will provide an overview of the new features introduced by concepts and how they will benefit C++ programmers. We will see how concepts can be used to express the core components of the C++ Standard (Template) Library, and explore some of the new capabilities that concepts bring to the C++ language.

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