LinuxConf.Au: Linux: Anycast DNS, Failover DHCP, Peering NTP

Posted in Networking, Conferences, Operating Systems on March 09, 2007

LinuxConf.Au: Linux: Anycast DNS, Failover DHCP, Peering NTP

At the end of 2005, UofA put a plan in place to upgrade its DNS, DHCP and NTP infrastructure. Hardware was spec'd and purchased and rough plans were put in place for the deployment. In January 2006 I started a contract at UofA to roll out these services.

My first month focused around research on deploying these services with maximum availablity being the driving force behind the upgrade. I was refered to a paper entitled "Three Practical Ways to Improve Your Netowrk" by Kevin Miller from the Carnegie Mello University; This paper, along with the slides is a great place to start understanding about Anycast and how to use it in mind to deploy redundant DNS services. We wanted to tie in the upgrades with our internal IP, DNS and DHCP management tool, this stores all the information in an SQL database and allows easy configuration deployment.

Thus began the plan for Anycast DNS, Failover DHCP & Peering NTP, running on Redhat AS 4 on our HP servers distributed across serveral campuses.

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