Desktop Mashups: Combining Web Applications to Make Desktop Productivity Tools

Posted in Conferences, Companies, Networking, Web Technologies on March 30, 2007

Desktop Mashups: Combining Web Applications to Make Desktop Productivity Tools
Google Tech Talks
March 12, 2007


Web applications use HTTP to communicate with relevant services and manifest their user interface via HTML, CSS and JavaScript. With the advent of different gadget frameworks, they have finally broken free of the shackles of the Web browser to manifest themselves on the user's desktop as first-class productivity tools.

In this talk I'll describe Sidewinder, a framework for authoring and deploying web applications that are created as first-class desktop citizens. Applications created in this framework can not only communicate with the web, but with each other, turning the whole platform into a powerful tool for creating mashup applications. Sidewinder can also turn any other web application into a desktop application, such as GCal, KoolIM, Google Docs, and so on.

Another powerful aspect of the Sidewinder framework is the ability to display custom widgets based on the type of the data being processed--chosen dynamically at run-time. This kind of flexibility is crucial when building desktop mash-ups based on varying sources of web-based information, and Sidewinder goes further by making it easy to process the data-oriented web--including microformats and RDFa.

The presentation will include a number of rich internet applications that use the Sidewinder framework.

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