LinuxConf.Au: Electronics with Linux

Posted in Conferences, Operating Systems on April 12, 2007

LinuxConf.Au: Electronics with Linux

Main content:

  • list some of the open source tools for electronics development,
  • describe the author's electronics design software environment, (what packages has he got installed),
  • discuss the various means to fabricate printed circuit boards,
  • show a few recent small-scale personal projects, such as the motion detecting night light or the doorbell pulse extender and event logger
  • Relating to the OpenWRT project
  • display and discuss car boot based wireless automatic offsite backup system, using OpenWRT, rsync, ssh, and a laptop hard drive,
  • display Netrek server operating on an embedded router using OpenWRT,
  • briefly describe the packaging constraints.

Relating to the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project:

  • display and discuss two of the OLPC A-Test laptop boards,
  • display and discuss three of the OLPC B-Test-1 laptops,
  • discuss results of rural low noise testing.

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