Google Tech Talks: Using ROSE to Mitigate Performance Trade-offs

Posted in Conferences, Companies, Development on May 09, 2007

Google Tech Talks: Using ROSE to Mitigate Performance Trade-offs

ROSE is a tool for building source-to-source transformation tools for the optimization of C and C++ object-oriented applications. ROSE represents a mechanism to build translators that read the user's application source code and output highly optimized customized C++ code.

ROSE is the compiler-framework which permits library or application developers to build their own domain-specific source-to-source analyzers/translators. The specification of transformations is made as easy as possible with non-compiler people as a target audience. Custom analysis of large scale C++ applications is also simple to specify; ROSE supports a number of standard program analysis phases common to typical compilers, and is particularly focused on being easy to use. ROSE is an Open Source project, supporting large scale DOE applications and includes substantial documentation.

This talk will present ROSE, some of the uses of ROSE, and opportunities for research collaborations. We will present the ongoing work on program visualization and discuss ROSE mechanisms well suited to supporting security analysis of large scale applications.

Google TechTalks
April 03, 2006
Daniel Quinlan

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