LinuxConf.Au: Desktops on a diet - old pants back on!

Posted in Conferences, Operating Systems on May 09, 2007

LinuxConf.Au: Desktops on a diet - old pants back on!

In the race to gain desktop acceptance (and mimick as much as possible from the "big" desktops out there - Windows, MacOS-X, etc.), The main desktop players (GNOME and KDE) have also gained weight. A lot of it. Speed of the software has slowed down at the rate hardware has sped up, or even faster.

In many cases they no longer fit in the pants people used to wear, and the pants people in developing nations can afford. In that rush and enthusiasm a lot of people have overlooked the alternatives - Desktop environments, shells and window managers that consume significantly less resoruces, and may give sufficient functionality, such as Xfce and Enlightenment.

This will focus on the upcoming release of Enlightenment 0.17 and its feature-set, efficiencies, subsystems, and related projects. What it can do and scale down to, as well as scale up to, what kind of people might have an interest in using it (those without the latest top-of-the-line systems with modern closed graphics drivers, those in developing nations or those simply with better things to do with their hardware resources). To get more efficient use of your system does not require the environment to be minimal and austere - it just requires making the right choices in design and implementation.

This will cover:

  • Eye candy - without closed drivers and mega-fast systems
  • State engines & X latencies & design
  • Fast rendering engines & canvases in X and other display targets
  • XRender, XComposite etc. extensions
  • Why open X drivers are better
  • File manager and application management basics
  • What libraries are behind Enlightenment that can help create efficient custom UI's
  • Pants

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