Microsoft MIX07: Navigating the Programmable Web

Posted in Web Technologies, Conferences, Frameworks, Operating Systems, Development on May 24, 2007

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RSS. ATOM. JSON. POX. REST. WS-*. What are all these terms, and how do they impact the daily life of a developer trying to navigate today's programmable Web? Join us as we explore how to consume and create Web services using a variety of different formats and protocols. Using popular services (Flickr, GData, and Amazon S3) as case studies, we look at what it takes to program against these services using the Microsoft platform today and how that will change in the future.

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Tags: Web 2.0, Conferences, Frameworks, Technologies, AJAX, Flickr, OS, Windows, RSS, C#, MIX07, Amazon S3, JSON, pox, REST, .NET Framework, Web Services, Google Data API