Google Developer Day US - Better AJAX Apps:Gears, GWT, Dojo

Posted in Companies, Web Technologies, Conferences, Development on June 05, 2007

Special Session: Building Better AJAX Applications: Nuts & Bolts... and Gears
Dan Morrill, Brad Neuberg
AJAX frameworks have allowed developers to improve the web by making it easier to build high quality applications that users love. This session discusses how the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) can be combined with new technologies to build even better applications. More details on this session will be provided at Developer Day.

Speaker Bio: Dan joined Google Developer Programs in 2006 to help developers become successful with the Google Web Toolkit and other products. Before joining Google, Dan was a computer scientist at GE Research, where he gave himself headaches by switching between web development in JavaScript and circuit design in Verilog. Dan lives in Atlanta with his wife, two cats, and lots of video games.

Brad Neuberg is an internationally-recognized software inventor in the fields of collaboration and online applications. His passion is inventing amazing ideas and then doing the hard work to make them real. He has extensive experience in the open source community, contributing code to Dojo, Mozilla, JXTA, the Jakarta Feed Parser, and more.

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