Google Developers Day US - KML on Earth

Posted in Companies, Conferences, Web Technologies, Development on June 05, 2007

KML on Earth - Advanced Topics
Bent Hagemark, Michael Ashbridge
Want to take your Google Earth layers to the next level? In this session will go over advanced techniques using KML. We'll show you how to add very large datasets to Google Earth without sacrificing performance using regions. You'll also learn how to animate your data using time stamps and the use of network links to create KML layers that are dynamically updated. This is the session to attend in order to learn about the latest features in KML and get a peek into underlying structure of KML along with the KML schema.

Speaker Bio: Bent joined Google in January 2006 and is a software engineer working on KML and KML tools. Previous to Google Bent worked at Opera Software and Silicon Graphics.

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