Google Developer Day US: Extending Google SketchUp – A Developer's View

Posted in Companies, Conferences, Development, Web Technologies on June 06, 2007

Extending Google SketchUp: A Developer's View
Mark Limber
The world is not really flat; just check out Google Earth and the 3D Warehouse. Google SketchUp is a 3D modeling tool used to model buildings for Google Earth, visualize interiors, design furniture and basically work in 3D. With the latest release of Google SketchUp 6, you can now use HTML, JavaScript and the built-in Ruby API in concert to create compelling applications built on top of SketchUp to customize and/or automate certain tasks. Furthermore, our SDKs provide the ability to read/write SketchUp files and interoperate with the 3D Warehouse. We'll discuss some of the advances in the SketchUp Ruby API and how to integrate your creations with the 3D Warehouse.

Speaker Bio: Mark is a product manager who joined Google with the acquisition of @Last Software in 2006. Mark works on Google SketchUp and the Google 3D Warehouse. Since Mark is a Product Manager and not an engineer, he isn't supposed to be writing code. But - shhhhh! - he does. Mark is also available as a classical guitarist for weddings and parties.

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