Google Developers Day US - Python Design Patterns

Posted in Companies, Conferences, Development on June 06, 2007

Python Design Patterns
Alex Martelli
Design Patterns must be studied in the context on the language in which they'll get implemented -- the Gang of Four made that point strongly in their book, though almost everybody else seems not to have noticed. This talk explores some "classic" DPs in all the various categories -- Creational, Structural, and Behavioral -- studying how they show up in Python programs and how they interact with Python's special strengths.

Speaker Bio: Alex Martelli is Uber Tech Lead (Production Systems) at Google. Alex is the author of "Python in a Nutshell", co-editor of the "Python Cookbook", a Member of the Python Software Foundation, and winner of the 2002 Activators' Choice Award and 2006 Frank Willison award for outstanding contributions to the Python community.

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