Google Developer Day US - Enterprise Search APIs

Posted in Companies, Conferences, Web Technologies on June 07, 2007

Enterprise Search APIs: Making Information Accessible at Work
Jeff Ragusa, Donald Ziff
Did you know that more than a half-dozen of the Google products and services you know and love are currently being used to improve employee productivity inside corporate firewalls? As businesses across the globe embrace our technology, this opens up a wonderful commercial opportunity for those developers with the skills to enhance, extend, customize or integrate.

In this session we'll take a closer look specifically at enterprise search via the Google Search Appliance. We'll examine the APIs available for making any type of enterprise system or application data accessible to employees through the search box. We'll also look at how you can use the Google Search Appliance as a back-end search engine to power a search box in your own application.

Speaker Bio: As a Partner Solutions Engineer, Jeff Ragusa has spent the past year collaborating with the growing network of ISVs and SIs in Google's enterprise technology partnership program. As Google's enterprise business and its business-focused product suite continue to expand, he's rallying a professional developer community to build innovative solutions on Google's development platform and take advantage of the commercial opportunities available for such products and services. Prior to joining Google, Jeff spent eight years in enterprise software development and consulting roles at Trilogy.

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