Google Developer Day London: Google Web Toolkit

Posted in Companies, Conferences, Web Technologies, Development on June 12, 2007

With Luc Claes, CTO at ContactOffice

Converting a large web application, counting thousands of JSPs, to a state of the art Web 2.0 user interface is a challenge, to say the least. This case study will tell you more about how the conversion process is currently handled at ContactOffice: selecting the 'best' framework, identifying the missing pieces and filling the holes, defining a scalable front-end and adapting the existing back-end architecture, organizing the development staff, tips & tricks and lessons learned.

Before joining ContactOffice as CTO, Luc Claes was a researcher in software engineering and held top R&D management positions in two Belgian companies. At ContactOffice, his current topics of expertise include the Google Web Toolkit (GWT), transparent data persistency, data synchronization and communication modeling. Luc is an industrial engineer in electronics and holds a master degree in computer sciences.

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