Google Developers Day US - Building Better AJAX

Posted in Companies, Web Technologies, Conferences, Development on June 13, 2007

Special Session: Building Better AJAX Applications with Google Gears
Andy Palay

AJAX applications are at the core of web development, providing both opportunities and challenges. We'll be discussing some of the ways we can address those challenges in this session. More details will be provided at Developer Day.

Andy Palay has a Bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin and a PhD from Carnegie Mellon University. After finishing his PhD, he remained at CMU as one of the principal architects of the Andrew System. He was "dragged" out of beautiful Pittsburgh by Silicon Graphics in the early nineties. He left his position as one of SGI's Chief Scientists in the late nineties to experience life in start-up land. Andy joined Google in January 2006 and happily discovered that he had finally found the world's best start-up.

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