Google Developer Day - US The Google AJAX APIs

Posted in Companies, Web Technologies, Conferences, Development on June 14, 2007

The Google AJAX APIs
Mark Lucovsky
The Google AJAX APIs let you implement rich, dynamic features on your existing web sites entirely in JavaScript and HTML. Using this family of APIs you can add a map to your site, include dynamic search controls, or download and mashup feeds with just a few lines of JavaScript. The APIs that make up this family include the Google Maps API, the Google AJAX Search API, and the Google AJAX Feed API. This talk will focus on the Search and Feed API. The Maps API is covered in the "Developing with Geo" track.

The Google AJAX Search API is designed to allow applications to easily embed Google Search into their applications. The Google AJAX Feed API is our newest AJAX API. It is designed to deliver high fidelity RSS and Atom feeds directly to your site. This talk will walk you through the feature set of these APIs, will give you a peek under the hood, and will show you how our customers are currently putting these APIs to use on their sites.

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