Google Developer Day US - Mashups with the Mashup Editor

Posted in Companies, Web Technologies, Conferences on June 16, 2007

Special Session: Mashups with the Google Mashup Editor
Rich Burdon, Paul McDonald
There are many feeds and services available to developers these days. How do you take those services and quickly take your mashup from idea to reality in just a few minutes? We'll talk about a method to quickly combine AJAX and feeds in this session. More details will be provided at Developer Day.

Speaker Bio:Paul McDonald is a product manager for Google's developer products, where his primary focus is on XML based web services and feeds. Paul is currently the product manager for the Google data APIs team. Prior to his work on developer products Paul spent his four years at Google on the Google Checkout and Google AdWords teams. Paul's 15 minutes of fame were realized when he appeared for a brief moment in Britney Spear's music video "Crazy".

Rich is the tech lead based in New York City. He has been working on browser-based applications at Google for the last two years. Previously, he founded two startups and has worked for Industrial Light & Magic, Sony Japan, and Goldman Sachs. Rich was the 1981 West Midlands Atari Ms. Pacman champion.

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