Our Stories Project: OLPC, UNICEF, Google, StoryCorps

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Our Stories Project: OLPC, UNICEF, Google, StoryCorps
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May 17, 2007


"Our Stories" is a joint project of One Laptop Per Child, UNICEF, StoryCorps, and Google to help preserve and share the histories and identities of traditional cultures around the world through storytelling and oral histories captured and shared online. The goal is to capture 5 million stories through the OLPC efforts and to upload those audio files to the Google Our Stories site where they can be shared globally. Children will be asked to interview/ record stories of their parents and grandparents, asking them some of life's greater questions (e.g., what are the most important lessons you have learned? what would you like to be remembered for?). The initial focus will be on 6-10 developing countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia where the OLPC efforts are strongest. In addition, the Our Stories site will bring online the 10,000 stories already captured in the U.S. by StoryCorps, and grow with those efforts toward 250,000 U.S. stories. StoryCorps will help create the interview guides/ instruction packages. UNICEF will play a major role in helping to reach the children and provide on the ground resources in-country, and to extend these efforts through their UNIwiki project. In addition, the site will link to many different oral history and storytelling projects around the world, in an effort to provide a central connection point and enable searchability over this fragmented environment. The stories will, over time, also be geo-tagged on a Google Earth overlay as well.

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