Google Developer Day US - KML Search and Dev. Maps Mashups

Posted in Companies, Conferences, Web Technologies on June 23, 2007

KML Search and Developing Maps Mashups Using KML/GeoRSS
Pamela Fox, Lior Ron
Have you been wondering how to drive traffic to that cool maps mashup you created recently? Simple, make it searchable. We now index geospatial content on the web and show it as search results to users on both Google Earth and Google Maps. We'll show you how to get your maps mashup crawled & indexed and how best to optimize your content for user discovery via search. Till now, KML was used to create layers in Google Earth and JavaScript based Google Maps API used for creating maps mashups. With the introduction of KML and GeoRSS support in the Google Maps API, you only need to define your data once in KML or GeoRSS. We'll also go in-depth about how defining your data in KML can help drive more traffic to your maps mashup site.

Speaker Bio:Pamela is a support engineer for the Google Maps API. She just graduated from USC with her CS masters, where she helped grow the video games department and dabbled in the 3d animation and linguistics departments. She's looking forward to helping developers innovate with the Maps API and combine them with many of Google's other amazing APIs.

Lior is the Product Manager for geo search in Google, where he is trying to help the world around us get mapped using the power of the masses. Before joining Google, Lior co-founded a medical device and a search startup, and served in various managerial positions in the Israeli Intelligence, where he worked on GIS and search problems. Lior holds an MBA from Stanford and BSc and MS from the Technion - the Israeli institute for technology.

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