Google Developer Day Sydney. Google Gears: Building Better AJAX applications

Posted in Companies, Web Technologies, Conferences, Development on June 30, 2007

Google Gears: Building Better AJAX applications
Presented by Aaron Boodman

AJAX applications are at the core of web development, providing both opportunities and challenges. We'll be discussing some of the ways we can address those challenges in this session. More details will be provided at Developer Day.

Aaron Boodman started life as a musician, a mistake he rectified early to the delight of his teachers and dormmates. Suddenly finding himself with more time on his hands, he taught himself to program and began experimenting with and writing about the collection of technologies that became known as "AJAX" many years later. His work from 2000-2001 continues to be referenced and reused today in modern JavaScript toolkits. More recently, he is the creator of Greasemonkey, a popular browser extension that allows people to "mash up" websites using JavaScript. At Google he works on experimental web technology, and occasionally lends a hand on UI for products like Gmail, Reader, and Blogger.

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