Google Tech Talks: Storied Navigation for Media Collections

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Google Tech Talks: Storied Navigation for Media Collections

Today, video and audio recording devices allow individuals, institutions and -- increasingly -- objects and places to collect large archives of media. Much of this media remains relatively inaccessible, even to those who have the most incentive to access it.

In this talk, she will present new paradigms of dynamic storied navigation that allow diverse communities of users to find, create, and share rich-media resources in new and exciting ways. In support of this approach she will show current research at the Media Lab in storied inference, rich-media construction kits, and audio time lapse.

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May 4, 2006

Glorianna Davenport is a Principal Research Associate and founding member of the MIT Media Lab where she leads the Media Fabrics (formerly Interactive Cinema) group. Trained as a documentary filmmaker, Davenport has achieved international recognition for her work in digital media forms.

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