Oracle Coherence Data Grid

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Oracle Coherence Data Grid

Google Tech Talks
June 27, 2007


Data Grid-based infrastructures are being developed, deployed and used to achieve unlimited application scalability and continuous availability. This presentation focuses on Oracle Coherence Data Grid and how it's capabilities, which includes coherent in-memory caching, dynamic data partitioning, even processing, parallel query and process execution and on how these capabilities enable achievement of these goals and more.

In this presentation we will address:

  • How Coherence capabilities function, such as coherent in-memory caching, dynamic data partitioning, and parallel query and process execution, and how they enable a new generation of grid infrastructures.
  • How Data Grid capabilities function, including examples of how organizations are leveraging these capabilities.

This presentation is for developers, development managers, and architects who are considering or plan to use Oracle Coherence, providing them with a hands-on, in-depth review of all of Coherence Data Grid capabilities, and clarifying when and how each of the different Coherence options and features should be used.

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