Scary Monsters: Does Social Software Have Fangs?

Posted in Conferences, Companies on July 28, 2007

Scary Monsters: Does Social Software Have Fangs?

Google Tech Talks
June 27, 2007


So we're all agreed. Blogs: good; email: bad. Wikis: good; sending round attachments to a dozen people and then having to merge all the changes by hand afterwards: bad.

But despite the labour-saving wonders of social software, many people - even those who otherwise pounce on every new technological innovation - prefer to stick with the old way of doing things. What's stopping them from adopting blogs and wikis as a way of getting things done? It can't be the tool, because the tools are easy. So what scary monsters are lurking in the social software closet, ready to leap out at the innocent project leader, fangs and claws to the fore?

Speaker: Suw Charman
Suw Charman is a social software expert specialising in the use of blogs and wikis in business. She's worked with companies in the UK and US - in the tech, travel, media, financial and public relations sectors - to help them understand how social software can be used both behind the firewall and for customer communications.

Suw writes about social software, the media, publishing, and other related subects at Strange Attractor (, with her partner Kevin Anderson), and also keeps a personal blog, Chocolate and Vodka.

A passionate digital rights advocate, Suw co-founded the Open Rights Group in July 2005 with the aim of raising awareness of digital rights issues, running campaigns and supporting grass roots activism.

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