Semantic Web

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Semantic Web

Google Tech Talks
May 25, 2007


The Semantic Web is a field aiming a the creation, deployment, and interoperation of machine readable data on the Internet. In the talk we present some projects in DERI on Semantic Web technologies - notably Semantic Interlinking of Online Community sites, Social Semantic Collaborative Filtering, and ActiveRDF, a library for Browsing, programming and navigating Semantic Web data.

The SIOC (Semantic Interlinking of Online Communities) project [1] is an effort aiming at establishing and deploying a metadata vocabulary for interlinking and connecting distributed conversation on blogs, bulletin boards, and mailing lists. The vocabulary has been implemented in major open source software tools such as Wordpress and PhPBB, is gaining popularity and allows searching communities more effectively.

Social Semantic Collaborative Filtering is a solution which adapts semantic web technologies to collaborative filtering solutions based on predefined social networks. In other words, users can classify and share their knowledge based on semantic annotations linked to existing knowledge organization systems (thesauri, taxonomies).

Last we present ActiveRDF, an object-oriented API for managing RDF data. ActiveRDF can be used with different RDF stores and integrates with Ruby on Rails. An addition to ActiveRDF is BrowseRDF, a faceted metadata browsing library. Faceted browsing is a natural technique for navigating that graph. We developed an expressive faceted interface that allows navigating arbitrary semi-structured data and formally show the improvement over existing interfaces.

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