Video Mosaicing for Non-Chronological Time Editing

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Video Mosaicing for Non-Chronological Time Editing

Google Tech Talks
June 27, 2007


Non-Chronological Video Mosaicing involves the generation of a new video from an input video such that the chronological order of events is not preserved. The freedom from the chronological constraint enables multiple effects that are otherwise impossible:

  1. The creation of dynamic panoramic video of a dynamic panoramic scene from a regular camera scanning this scene.
  2. The generation of virtual immersive walk-through from a regular camera scanning a city street.
  3. The summarization of video into a shorter video. This summarization is especially effective for continuously transmitting webcams.

The computation of camera ego-motion is needed for cases (1) and (2). Robust methods will be described for computing this motion in the common case of a camera moving along a straight line, e.g. in a driving car. Using these methods, city-block models can be populated by people uploading videos of their neighborhoods.

We will also present dynamic video synopsis, where most of the activity in the video is condensed by simultaneously showing several actions, even when they originally occurred at different times. These methods are especially suitable for summarization of video transmitted continuously from webcams. Embedding webcam summaries in city-block images can complete the dynamic information, missing from existing geographical descriptions. Webcams can be supplied by the community as well, already populating millions of cameras on the web.

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