What Is Your Provenance?

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What Is Your Provenance?

Google Tech Talks
June 21, 2007


Who you are matters, but maybe less than you think. Dunbar and his critics have pointed out only 150 people matter at most to anyone, at any point. Yet we focus on people all the time: Google makes use of this temporary focus in the pagerank algorithm. Social networking sites offer a domain specific set of links and metadata, which allow reliable discovery and tracking tools to be created, e.g. flickr pictures of snow.

Based on scientific communities, this talk will explore how people can act as navigational tools to allow interdisciplinary navigation, signposting the way from astro-physics to xeno-biology. We are comfortable with tags as navigational devices, but a tag means something to me, not to you. Knowing the person gives you the context to understand the meaning of the tag.

We have a word for it already "provenance", no antique dealer will buy something without knowing the provenance, should we care as much online? What makes good provenance and how can we make it subject specific?

Looking at technologies such as XFN, FOAF, federated identity and Web 2.0 friends tagging and social networking services this talk will explore how we assess, form and make these navigational jumps and how the coming age of ubiquity will force us to face the potential fragmentation of the internet into tag soup, served cold

Speaker: Gavin Bell
Gavin architects social software for the Nature Publishing Group. A key product is Nature Network which offers the benefits of social software to the scientific community . Gavin has worked in web product development and in the publishing industry for over a decade. He has also worked in academia; in advertising; for Dorling Kindersley and for the BBC. Large scale web applications covering identity management, on-demand media and social software have been the main focus of his work. Gavin lives in London and writes on nascent for Nature and on take one onion. His personal website is gavinbell.com.

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