RailsConf'07 Keynote: David Heinemeier Hansson

Posted in Networking, Web Technologies, Conferences, Development, Frameworks, Databases on August 12, 2007

 RailsConf'07 Keynote: David Heinemeier Hansson

With the release of Rails 1.2 we take a look back at David Heinemeier Hansson’s RailsConf keynote from Chicago.

In it, he outlines a number of issues that the Rails team was looking at as they moved towards the current release, the importance of opinionated software and of course, how he “learned to stop worry and love the CRUD.”

Here, briefly, is an outline of the talk:

  1. Discovering Resources on Rails
  2. Problem with Crud?
  3. Get, Post and Clean URLs
  4. Accounts, Controllers and Crud
  5. CRUD is Not a Goal but and Inspiration
  6. Controllers, Design Patterns and MIME
  7. Doing By Hand Leads to Good Design
  8. Get, Find, Post Redux
  9. Q&A


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