Ruby Hoedown 2007: Exploring Merb

Posted in Networking, Conferences, Development, Frameworks, Databases on August 24, 2007

Ruby Hoedown 2007: Exploring Merb

Merb is the new kid on the block of ruby web frameworks. In this talk we will explore some of the design goals of the framework and look at how it's put together.

Merb is a small core designed to give the basic infrastructure for dealing with HTTP requests/responses along with routing, controllers and template rendering. The basic premise is simple hackable framework code that you build up to your application domain.

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Ezra Zygmuntowicz has been using Rails since July 2004 when it was first released and Ruby for about three and a half years. He is the author of Rails Deployment for the Pragmatic Programmers and Co-founder of Engine Yard, a rails only fully managed hosting company. Ezra is also the author of many Rails plugins such as Backgroundrb and ez-where.

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