MWRC: John Lam - RubyCLR and Ruby.NET

Posted in Conferences, Development, Frameworks, Companies on August 30, 2007

MWRC: John Lam - RubyCLR and Ruby.NET

As dynamic languages gain popularity, it becomes more important to play well with others. There are a tremendous number of useful libraries that ship with the .NET platform that Ruby developers can use in their applications. RubyCLR is a bridge between the standard C-based implementation of the Ruby interpreter, and code that executes in the .NET Common Language Runtime. We will look at the design of RubyCLR to better understand how to implement a high-performance and high-fidelity interop layer between dynamic languages and statically typed libraries.

John Lam is a Program Manager on the Common Language Runtime team at Microsoft. He's the creator of RubyCLR, a high-performance bridge between Ruby and the .NET Common Language Runtime. He's bringing the love of Ruby out to the statically typed heathens at Microsoft and beyond.

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