Firefox Leak Debugging Screencasts

Posted in Development, Web Technologies on September 25, 2007

Firefox Leak Debugging Screencasts

I was asked to record some screencasts showing how I debug memory leaks so that other people could understand better how I use our memory leak debugging tools. So I've been recording (and talking) while I'm debugging memory leaks.

These are listed in the order I made them. Many of them probably aren't particularly interesting at all. First, I'd recommend reading the overview of our memory leak tools. Then:

  • For debugging of small sets of reference-counted objects with the refcount balancer, watch session 6 and then session 7.
  • For debugging using trace-malloc [need screencasts]
  • For debugging using leaksoup [need screencasts]
  • For debugging using diffbloatdump [need screencasts]
  • For debugging using DEBUG_CC (which you should use for leaked global window objects), look at session 3 for now, although it leaves a bit to be desired (see below). And maybe session 4-5, although it's one of the most confusing leaks I've debugged in the past few years.
  • For running the current tinderbox leak tests, see sessions 1 and 2

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