MWRC: Jeff Barczewski - MasterView

Posted in Development, Frameworks, Databases on September 27, 2007

MWRC: Jeff Barczewski - MasterView

Tired of spending precious development time hand coding Ruby/Rails views? The MasterView template engine is a ruby gem (or rails plugin) that enables the creation of Ruby/Rails views in standards-compliant XHTML. MasterView makes the power and productivity of Ruby/Rails accessible to a wider range of development teams allowing designers to use traditional HTML and CSS editing tools, including WYSIWYG editors, while at the same time fitting naturally into the Ruby/Rails environment, leveraging layouts, partials, helpers, and the full power of Ruby and Rails in a natural notation.

MasterView is extensible and includes a production-quality scaffold generator to get new projects going quickly. Jeff Barczewski is a partner of Inspired Horizons, a software architect, developer, and trainer with 18 yrs of experience engineering solutions for large and small companies. Having much experience in developing applications the hard way (using C++, Java, ASP, ...), Jeff now loves to share ways to be more productive (using Ruby, Rails, MasterView, Open Source tools, ...) and ultimately enjoy life. Jeff is the founder and one of the lead developers of the MasterView template engine for Ruby and Rails.

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