MWRC: JRuby: Not Just Another Ruby Implementation

Posted in Conferences, Development, Frameworks on September 27, 2007

MWRC: JRuby: Not Just Another Ruby Implementation

JRuby has made great progress over the past year, now supporting most of Ruby's libraries and capabilities as well as running mainstream apps like Rails and RSpec. The development team has grown to four core members and the JRuby community has 15 or more regular contributors and dozens of users. The potential of a JVM-backed Ruby implementation has started to attract the attention of even hardcore Rubyists. JRuby has really arrived this year.

This session will talk about JRuby development progress over the last year, the current status of JRuby, and our plans for future JRuby internals and externals. We'll compare and contrast a bit with MRI, YARV, and other up-and-coming Ruby implementations. We'll talk about how we can all share the load and help raise Ruby up in all quarters. And most of all, we'll have lots of demos to show that JRuby is a real, viable Ruby platform you should consider while developing Ruby applications in the future.

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