Internet Scale Identity, Collaboration, and Higher Education

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Internet Scale Identity, Collaboration, and Higher Education

Google Tech Talks
September, 19 2007


Two of the most active areas of development on the Internet are the rise of Internet identity, in several approaches, and the bloom of collaboration tools such as wikis, on-line conferencing, Web 2.0 tools, and social nets. Internet scale identity is advancing rapidly in two directions - federated identity (ala SAML, etc) and user-centric identity (ala OpenId, etc) and offers some interesting opportunities for the integration of these approaches. In the collaboration tool space, the limited confines of individual social networks and the need for management across a suite of tools is driving the need for better integration as well.

Higher Education and Research have unique requirements to encourage global collaboration of diverse communities which in many cases deal with sensitive and expensive resources, calling for a melding of the social and
organizational approaches.

This talk will discuss recent activities in both these areas, and discuss how, properly combined, Internet-scale identity management and the collaboration tools present some fundamental new capabilities, both in Internet services and in human collaboration. These capabilities are a natural extension to the societal role of Higher Education and Research.

Speaker: Bob Morgan
RL "Bob" Morgan is a Senior Technology Architect for the Computing & Communications Department at the University of Washington. He contributes to designing, implementing, and documenting distributed computing and security infrastructure for the UW. He is the Chair of the Middleware Architecture Council for Education (MACE) at Internet2. He is also involved with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), the Common Solutions Group (CSG), the Network Applications Consortium (NAC), and the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards

Speaker: Ken Klingenstein
Ken Klingenstein is director of the Internet2 Middleware Initiative, on loan from the University of Colorado at Boulder. From 1985-1999, he served as director of Computing and Network Services at the University of Colorado at Boulder. His responsibilities included overall management for media, networking, and computing at the university. Ken has been a leader in national networking for the past 20 years.

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