Nate Koechley: "The YUI CSS Foundation"

Posted in Web Technologies, Companies, Graphics on October 30, 2007

Nate Koechley: "The YUI CSS Foundation"

Nate Koechley is the author of the YUI Library’s CSS components — Reset, Fonts, Grids, and Base. Nate has been at Yahoo since 2001 where he was among the first pure web developers. During the past six years, he’s helped guide the formation of a vibrant frontend discipline at Yahoo built around a commitment to professionalism, standards, and performance. In 2005, Nate was among the first engineers to join the YUI team and he was instrumental in making YUI available as a free open-source project in 2006. In addition to engineering our CSS components, Nate has been one of our most visible contributors at conferences, where he’s spokeon on a wide range of frontend engineering topics.

In this 40-minute presentation, Nate takes you on a detailed tour of the YUI CSS foundation, its philosophy, and its usage.

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